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Primary Engineer - Huzaifah Hameed

My interview with Bruce the Engineer

I am writing to you to tell you about our interviews with Bruce Dagley the engineer. He came in to our school in October and we took turns to ask him questions.

In my group we discussed what we could ask Bruce and we wrote questions on the paper.

I asked Bruce what skills do you need to be a good engineer and he said you need to work harder, then you can be a great engineer.

I learned that you have to be good at math’s to be the best engineer.

I really enjoyed finding out about engineering because it was interesting and is really cool. He said that he worked in university for 4 years.

I would like to find out more about engineering because when I grow up I might want to be an engineer .You have to do things accurately because you might make things fall, like buildings.

I’m really excited because I really want to make something with him when he comes back.     I’m trying my hardest in math’s to be able to be a good engineer when I grow up. I always work at home with my mom because I want to get a level 4 for be a good engineer.