• Leaders Award for STEM
    Leaders Award for STEM
  • Insight into STEM careers
    Insight into STEM careers

The Interview

Students have the opportunity to interview professionals who work in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. This can be completed individually or as part of a small team (interview reports have to be pupils own individual work).

There are also no limits on the number of interviews any one applicant undertakes!

Interviewing a STEM professional

Before interviewing a STEM professional, here are a few tips to consider that will also ensure you write a fantastic report:

  • Know the interviewee’s professional career inside-out so that you'll come up with interesting questions. Try getting answers to questions you perhaps wouldn't be able to get off the Internet
  • Approach your interview as a conversation by asking questions related to their previous answers
  • Record the interview or take lots of notes
  • Try and get the written report done as soon as possible. The sooner you do it, the fresher in your mind it will be!

Once you have completed the interview with a STEM professional, it's time to write the report! The best reports will be published on our website and circulated to supporting organisations and the wider press.

Writing the Report

There are two formats to choose from when writing the report: Q&A or continuous prose. Both formats should include an introduction and evaluation to achieve a good grade. Here are a few tips:

  • Proof read your work and check for spelling/grammatical mistakes
  • Welcome a second opinion and get someone else to read over your report
  • Keep to the same format throughout your report. Accidental changes in font style and size can distract from the text
  • Include your name and identify which Special Award you are applying for

If you'd like to read sample reports for a bit of inspiration, you can find them here:


Have fun!


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